About Avamed

Why Avamed

Avamed medical Industries Company is one of public sector companies that dispelled to Social Security investment Authority and it is the first of only in Sudan that manufacture single use plastic syringe.

1-In Sudan we are the first factory that manufacture single use syringes, it’s the only one.
2-We use high quality stainless steel that used in Needle manufacturing.
3-Lab contains all instruments and equipments for every tests of suringe plant.
4-we follow and implement GMP.
5-Air handling system units are used in internal environment.

Avamed medical industries was established in 2007 its production capacity about 80 million syringes per year.

The company follow good manufacturing practice British standers for plastic syringe(BS5081 part 1:1994) British pharmacopeia(B.P2007).

Our massage is to manufacture a single use plastic syringe with high quality.


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